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"#%[email protected]? Why is this error popping up today, when it worked fine yesterday?" Sound familiar? Did you know that with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista you can "undo" some errors that occur?


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"Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive ...." Well, not exactly. But your computer's hard drive is pretty fast and powerful in its own right, platters spinning at 7200 revolutions per minute, with margins of error smaller than a human hair, running all day long. Do you know how you can help your computer's hard drive help you?


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Do you feel frazzled and less efficient when your office or desk is unorganized and cluttered? So does your computer's hard drive. As applications are installed and used, and files are saved and deleted, your C: drive can become pretty cluttered.


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Data Recovery


Favorite Tools


Vipre Antivirus by GFI

Our favorite Antivirus or Internet Security products. We feel they are effective without "taking over" our CPU or memory resources and bogging down our PCs.

Data Recovery Services  by DriveSavers.com

We prefer that you backup your data to avoid data loss, but if a drive fails before you have backed up important data, we choose DriveSavers for data recovery.
Click this link to take a tour of the DriveSavers clean room: Clean Room Tour
Click this link to view a hard drive simulator, to see how a drive works and how it can crash: Hard Drive Simulator


Shadowprotect Backup by Storagecraft

Our favorite local-image backup for PCs and servers, this software makes backup-images that can be used to restore a computer exactly as it was at time of last backup, without the need for reinstalling and reconfiguring the software that was already installed and configured at that time.


Online Backup  powered by Carbonite or ElephantDrive

Favorite online backup tools, for home or business. Whether you are already backing up your data to a local drive or not, either of these tools will give you a continuous offsite backup. They also will give you access to your backed-up data from another computer or location, whether on a business trip, a vacation, or in the case of a catastrophic event at your main location.


Cloud file-sharing and syncing by Dropbox

Convenient way to share files and make them available on different devices. Also convenient way to back up smartphone or iPad pictures.


Favorite Hosted Exchange Email   powered by Sherweb.com

You can find reliable and economical Exchange email hosting for select mailboxes on your domain or all mailboxes on your domain at Sherweb.com. We like the flexibility, support, and reliability. You can also trust Sherweb with your web hosting, POP email, or numerous other web and cloud-related services.


Affordable Web hosting, POP Email, and Domain Registration  powered by GoDaddy.com

You can find economical web hosting, email hosting, and domain registration services at GoDaddy.com.

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