Tip 1 ::

"#%[email protected]? Why is this error popping up today, when it worked fine yesterday?" Sound familiar? Did you know that with Microsoft Windows XP and Millennium you can "undo" some errors that occur?


Tip 2 ::

"Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive ...." Well, not exactly. But your computer's hard drive is pretty fast and powerful in its own right, platters spinning at 7200 revolutions per minute, with margins of error smaller than a human hair, running all day long. Do you know how you can help your computer's hard drive help you?


Tip 3 ::

Do you feel frazzled and less efficient when your office or desk is unorganized and cluttered? So does your computer's hard drive. As applications are installed and used, and files are saved and deleted, your C: drive can become pretty cluttered.



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