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"#%[email protected]? Why is this error popping up today, when it worked fine yesterday?" Sound familiar? Did you know that with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista you can "undo" some errors that occur?


Tip 2 ::

"Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive ...." Well, not exactly. But your computer's hard drive is pretty fast and powerful in its own right, platters spinning at 7200 revolutions per minute, with margins of error smaller than a human hair, running all day long. Do you know how you can help your computer's hard drive help you?


Tip 3 ::

Do you feel frazzled and less efficient when your office or desk is unorganized and cluttered? So does your computer's hard drive. As applications are installed and used, and files are saved and deleted, your C: drive can become pretty cluttered.


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The Tech Shmech Advantage

A few scenarios to consider:

Small Business

A. You are sitting at your desk, preparing for a meeting. The computer is acting funny and you are suddenly filled with dread. Time is running out and you need help fast. Call Tech Shmech to fix your problem by remote access.

B. You know your competition has got better technology. They have faster, more efficient programs that give them the competitive edge. You have to keep pace. You have to make changes. Call Tech Shmech to assess, recommend, install and train.

C. Your business is growing. You need more equipment and systems, you also need to protect them, but what computers do you buy, which programs do you use and who is going to put this together? Call Tech Shmech to advise with purchasing support, software, installation, set-up and training. As you keep growing they will be there to help you, from back-ups and glitches to maintenance.

D. You are a single consultant or small company who doesn't have or require a full-time techie on staff, and your computer has just become toast! Don't panic. Call Tech Shmech. They will come over and fix it or take it to their shop and treat it like their own,with the goal of being able to return it like new with your data backed up.

You'll never have to look for a techie again!

Home & Family

A. It's the kid's fault. Call Tech Shmech

B. You have enough viruses to infect the planet. Call Tech Shmech.

C. You need a family PC with plenty of functions. You want new fangled gizmos and a digital camera. You need software and memory, music and pictures, an i Pod, a Blackberry and a Huckleberry Finn. Call Tech Shmech to help you decide what to buy, to install, train and support you. They'll come over, give you lessons, notes and training and you can call them if you forgot what they said.

D. Whatever you bought is still sitting on your desk because you can't figure out how to use it. Call Tech Shmech!


A. Are you expanding your IT support business but are not yet ready to commit to the hiring of a new full-time employee? Call Tech Shmech to supplement your existing workforce, representing you with excellence and documentation of all work performed, until you are ready to take that next step. We have technicians with combined decades of varied experience, as well as several industry certifications including CompTIA's A+ and Network +, Cisco's CCNA, CNE, and CISSP; Compaq's ASE; and Microsoft's MCSE certifications.

B. Do you have to turn away requests for website work or desktop or network support , which you would like to do but are short on personnel to do the work? Call Tech Shmech to lend a hand. We can fill in gaps during your busy times by representing you with the same care as if we were servicing one of our own clients.

C. Do you need help training end-users on the systems you have implemented, and providing documentation for them to use when you are not there? Call Tech Shmech. We will work with them using plain English and practical examples so they can use the systems in place as they were intended. We specialize in individual or small group training on subjects such as PC skills and maintenance, Microsoft Office, basic networking, PDA help, and putting the techie pieces of the puzzle together to make sense of them.

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